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Choosing the Best Digital Camera

If you have gone shopping for a camera lately, you know there are many different digital cameras from which to choose. Before you put out the money to purchase a new digital camera, you want to make certain you choose the one that is best for your needs. In order to choose the best one, you have to make sure you evaluate what you need based on your digital photography needs. If you only take family pictures your needs will be different than if you sell your photography services to others. In addition, the types of pictures you take will also have an impact on the type of camera you need as will the number of pictures you take.

Do not assume that all digital cameras include an initial memory card and a flash—this is true with your higher end cameras but if you are looking for a basic digital camera, you may find that there is no even a slot for a memory card. What this means is you will have to upload the pictures to your computer and delete them from your camera when you have used all of the internal memory or you will lose some of your pictures when the camera starts replacing older pictures with newer ones.

If you buy your camera from a camera or electronics store you will be able to tell the sales person what you want but if you shop in a department store, you are better off to research online what you need and look for the exact model in the store.

Keep in mind that the higher the megapixels on your camera, the more clarity your pictures will have. On the other hand, if you are an amateur photograph or just taking family pictures you don’t want to spend money for a camera that includes more features than you need. Most cameras for personal use are 10 megapixels or less—professional cameras may be higher in order to accommodate those needs.

Also, your internal memory will affect the cost of the camera. The higher the memory, the more pictures you will be able to keep on your camera without saving to your memory card. If you take many pictures this may be a factor, but again, look at your own needs and evaluate what you need. You can always buy extra memory cards if you need more memory for special events.

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