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Digital Photography and the Cell Phone Era

As digital photography became more popular, we saw the introduction of camera phones. What used to be a device that was used solely from audio communications became a quick on the go way to take photographs. The ability of cell phones to take photographs meant that people didn’t have to worry about carrying a camera every where they went. Though the pictures you take on a cell phone are not usually of the same quality as those you take with a standalone digital camera, it is certainly far better than missing a shot because you forgot the camera or because you didn’t think it would be needed.

The thing to remember about digital photography on a cell phone is the quality is not going to match that of a standalone digital camera. Of course, different phones will offer different quality. Just like some cell phones have very high musical quality but low quality cameras, the same holds true in reverse. You have to look at the camera phone you are considering and determine if it has the quality you seek. You also want to remember that not every camera phone has flash capabilities, so unless you do not anticipate using your camera phone to take pictures anywhere but outdoors during the daylight hours, you want to make sure you purchase a phone that includes a flash.

With the digital photography that is available on cell phones there is no need to worry about missing an important event though in most cases the capabilities of cell phone cameras are limited when compared to an ordinary digital camera. That doesn’t mean that they are inferior products as such but rather that their capabilities are limited. It would be rather difficult to have a combination product with perfect features in every respect—there must be one feature that is better than the other. The basic concept of a cell phone is for audio communication thus anything beyond that is going to have limited capabilities.

The choice you make when you buy a cell phone is a personal one based on your immediate needs. You do want to keep in mind that each model has specific capabilities that you must consider before you make the purchase. If you are looking for a cell phone with high quality digital photography capabilities, you will have to pay more for it.

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